Villa Park Sedation Dentistry

the benefits of

laughing gas

Laughing gas is an option for children who are nervous or scared about their upcoming dental appointment. This sedative is administered through inhalation, is highly effective, and can help keep phobic or anxious patients relaxed and calm during their dental treatment. Because it is a mild sedative, patients are still conscious and can talk to their dentist during their visit.

After treatment, the laughing gas is turned off and the effects wear off almost immediately. If this is the right option for your chprovide you with pre and post-sedation instructions. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation to learn more.

Pediatric dental sedation

ease moderate anxiety

with oral Conscious sedation

Oral conscious sedation is syrup medication used to alleviate moderate dental anxiety or for a child with special needs.  If oral conscious sedation is the right option for your child, Dr. Kathryn Le, our dental anesthesiologist, will administer the sedative before treatment begins.

During your child’s procedure, our dentists will focus entirely on the treatment while Dr. Le focuses on your child using state-of-the-art monitoring systems. Give us a call today to learn more or to set up a consultation with one of our dentists.

Sedation dentistry

comfort and safety

with in-office iV sedation

Deep sedation can be necessary for children that are unable, due to either age or maturity level, to fully cooperate during dental treatment. If this is the case, we may recommend IV sedation or general anesthesia in order to complete their dental treatment. This form of sedation can often be the only method for treating those with special needs, very young, or extremely anxious children, or children with severe dental problems.

If we do recommend IV sedation for your child, one of our designated dental anesthesiologists will administer the medication and monitor your child with state-of-the-art technology during their treatment.

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