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what is a dental emergency?

We know how stressful and painful it can be when your little one experiences a dental emergency. A dental emergency is any painful situation involving your child’s mouth or teeth that you cannot fix on your own. This includes chipped, cracked, or knocked-out teeth, excessive bleeding, or dental work that has fallen out or become loose. If your child is experiencing any of these situations, call us immediately to schedule a same-day appointment.

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what to do in a dental emergency

The most important thing to do in a dental emergency is to remain calm and get treatment for your child right away. If your child’s tooth has been knocked out, recover the tooth and make sure to only hold it by the crown, not the root. If possible, reinsert the tooth in the socket and hold it in place using a clean piece of gauze or cloth. If the tooth can’t be reinserted, carry it in a clean container of cold milk. Call us immediately to schedule a same-day appointment.  

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What Are the Most Common Dental Emergencies Kids Face?

Fractured Tooth - Young children are very active, whether it’s playing with their friends, joining the school sports team, or horsing around the house, dental injuries are very common. A tooth can become chipped, cracked, or broken from dental trauma, teeth grinding, or biting into something too hard. Try to save any fragments of the tooth that you can and store it in a container of milk or their saliva and bring it along to the dentist so we can see if it can be rebonded together.

Knocked-Out Tooth - If your child’s tooth has been completely knocked out of the socket, you should locate it as soon as possible for the best chance of reattachment. If the tooth is dirty, you can rinse it under water but don’t hold it by the root. If it’s a permanent tooth, have your child attempt to reinsert it into the socket by lining it up and gently biting down. If they’re unsuccessful, store the tooth in milk or the child’s saliva to keep it alive and bring it to the dentist. If you get here within an hour of the tooth being knocked out, we may be able to reattach the tooth to the socket by stabilizing it with a tooth splint. Baby teeth should not be inserted into the socket. In that case, just store the tooth and bring it to the dentist. They will likely need a space maintainer.

Severe Toothache - A toothache itself is not a dental emergency but if it is causing your child severe and debilitating pain or is accompanied by signs of a tooth infection, this is an emergency. Toothaches are a sign that something is wrong with the tooth – either it has been damaged or there is an underlying oral health problem. If you notice your child has swelling and an abscess, this is a sign of an infection.When the pain is severe, this means we need to act fast, before things become worse and compromise the health of your child’s tooth. Failing to treat it immediately can mean the loss of a tooth. Contact us right away so we can examine your child’s tooth and take x-rays.

Injuries to Lips, Cheek, or Tongue - Oral injuries are common with children, but it doesn’t have to involve damage just to the teeth. If your child has lacerations to the inside of their mouth or lips and has uncontrolled bleeding, this is a dental emergency. This can include cuts on the inside of the mouth, accidental biting of the cheeks or tongue, or more severe injuries like damage to the jaw.

cosmetic treatments

to restore traumatic injuries

At Villa Park Pediatric Dentistry, our compassionate, skilled team can help you and your loved one recover after a dental injury. If a traumatic injury has resulted in a knocked-out tooth or left your child’s teeth damaged, our cosmetic treatments will restore their smile and give them confidence again. We offer gentle, caring support for little ones dealing with dental injuries, and our team would feel honored to be a part of their road to recovery.

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What to Expect At

Your Child’s Emergency Dental Appointment

Dr. Butler will first and foremost relieve their pain by administering a local anesthetic that will numb their mouth and take away any pain sensations that they have been experiencing. If your child prefers to also be sedated for increased comfort or to relieve anxiety, this may be administered. 

We will perform an oral exam to assess the problems with your child’s teeth or oral health and take x-rays as needed to get a bigger picture of their underlying tissues. This will help us diagnose the problem and formulate a treatment plan that will meet their needs.

In some instances, there may be multiple treatment options available and we will help you explore your options. Your child may need a root canal to treat an infection, a dental crown to protect a damaged tooth, or in some instances, an extraction to remove an irreparable tooth. 

We will perform whatever treatments are necessary to relieve the problem immediately and follow-up appointments may be scheduled depending on if your child needs further treatment.

Why Is It Important to

Get Emergency Care Fast

It’s crucial to get to the dentist as soon as possible in the event of a dental emergency. A dental emergency is a serious situation involving either severe pain, interference with daily activities like chewing or speaking, or severe damage and decay to teeth that require immediate treatment to prevent things from worsening.

If we don’t act fast, pain can become even worse and this can put your teeth and overall oral health in jeopardy. If an infected tooth isn’t treated immediately, it can spread to other teeth or worse, spread through the bloodstream and possibly lead to sepsis. 

If your child has a knocked-out tooth, we only have about an hour window to save the tooth. An emergency requires urgency. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, give us a call at Villa Park Pediatric Dentistry to schedule an emergency appointment with Dr. Butler.

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