Pediatric Dentist vs Regular Dentist

Seeing the dentist might not be your child’s favorite thing in the world, but as a parent, you surely want them the best start in oral health and a reliable, friendly dental office you can visit with childhood’s normal dental issues. However, it might be confusing to choose a professional to work with your kid, as you see the terms “pediatric dentist” being used in this context. 

Does your child need to see a pediatric dentist or can they be treated by a general dentist? What is the difference between a pediatric dentist and a regular one? 

Differences Between a Regular and a Pediatric Dentist

First of all, the difference between the two is given by their education. Both a pediatric and a general dentist finish dental school to be able to practice. General dentists are able to work as soon as they get their license, right after graduating. 

However, a dental school graduate who wants to specialize in children's dentistry has to undergo a 2-3 year program during which they learn about treating children. 

The youngest of patients have specific issues that differ from adult dental problems. At the same time, their tolerance to dental treatments is lower, so they need to be treated by someone who can connect to them and make them feel comfortable. 

Can My Child Be Treated by My Dentist?

Children can be treated successfully by general dentists. However, there are certain issues that require a pediatric dentist’s expertise. In this case, your general dentist will refer you to a pediatric office.

A pediatric dentist can perform any treatment that a general dentist performs. In addition to that, pediatric dental offices are typically decorated and designed to meet a child’s needs. Your regular dentist office might seem bland or intimidating to your child, so it’s best to create a positive environment for children with dentist-related anxiety or nervousness. This way, they can feel more comfortable during their appointment and more willing to cooperate with the doctor. 

Book an Appointment for Your Child at Villa Park Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Leslie Butler and her team at Villa Park Pediatric Dentistry are not only highly specialized to treat children of all ages, from infants to teens, but they work in a whimsical, friendly, and comfortable cabinet that will make your child love going to the dentist. The team's experience allows them to truly connect with their little patients and make them feel more comfortable. 

Book an appointment for your child and let the team at Villa Park Pediatric Dentistry engage them gently and with lots of patience. This reinforces a positive attitude towards oral care, and might even convince your child to be extra thorough when brushing their teeth at home. 

We have everything we need to treat young patients, patients with disabilities, and those with dental issues typical in pediatric dentistry. 

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