5 Myths About Sedation Dentistry for Kids

It can be hard for your little one to sit still while in the dentist's chair. And, understandably so: the light is bright, there are weird sounds and instruments, and a stranger is poking around their mouths for apparently no reason.

As parents, we understand very well the importance of good oral health. But how can you help your little one feel calmer during their dentist appointment? 

Sedation dentistry in Villa Park can make a big difference here. Unfortunately, there are tons of myths when it comes to pediatric sedation dentistry. 

In this short blog post, we are going to debunk some of the most common ones. 

The Most Common Myths about Sedation Dentistry for Kids

We get it that both your child and you are nervous about their appointment. By getting the facts straight about sedation, you can manage your emotions and help your child receive the treatment they need. 

So, let's debunk these five common pediatric sedation dentistry myths:

  • There Is Only One Type of Sedation

There are actually 3 types of sedation - laughing gas, conscious oral sedation, and IV sedation. Your pediatric dentist will choose the most appropriate one based on your child's needs and medical history. 

  • Sedation Is Dangerous 

Sedation is administered by a trained professional who has all the information they need regarding your child’s health history. The child is also monitored while under sedation to make sure they are safe. 

  • Sedation Is Only for Complex Interventions 

Even the smallest dental procedure can make a kid nervous. Laughing gas, for example, can be used for less complex interventions to help the child relax while remaining fully aware during their treatment. Depending on the treatment, one sedation type may be more suitable than the other. 

  • Sedation Only Works for Managing Pain 

Dental sedation does tackle pain, but it's not the only benefit it has. Children can have a more relaxed and safe dental experience when a sedative has been administered. Stress, anxiety, and nervousness do not need to be a part of their experience. 

  • Sedation Will Put the Child to Sleep

There are different types of sedation and your child will fall asleep only if the procedure requires general anesthesia. If that is not the case, the child may feel sleepy but they will not be completely asleep. They will be able to answer questions or follow the instructions received from the dentist. They will remain fully conscious throughout the entire time the sedation is under effect. 

Let Us Take Care of Your Child's Oral Health! 

Is your child anxious about their upcoming appointment? There is a way to help calm their nerves! 

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